Coordination of Services

FFS works with a network of psychological, legal, medical, escrow and insurance professionals who specialize in surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). 

Legal.The laws governing surrogacy differ greatly from state to state.  FFS works hand-in-hand with a network of experienced ART attorneys to determine which states are appropriate for a particular client from a legal perspective.  For example, some states are “surrogacy-friendly” only for traditional married couples, while others are friendly to couples or singles regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.  Once we have matched Intended Parents with a surrogate, they engage an ART attorney to draft the contract between themselves and that Surrogate.  This attorney also assists in obtaining Pre- or Post-Birth Orders, and/or post-birth adoptions or second parent adoptions (if applicable) required to ensure that the Intended Parents will have full legal parental rights to their children born through surrogacy. 

IVF Clinics.  Family Forward Surrogacy has experience working with the most progressive IVF Clinics in the Washington DC area and can facilitate introductions to one of these clinics or another IVF clinic chosen by the Intended Parents.  FFS can assist in facilitating interactions with the IVF clinic, its internal surrogate support staff, and (if needed) its internal egg donor coordinators.  FFS can also assist in coordinating with a secondary clinic in the surrogate’s home area if she lives more than 90 miles from the primary IVF clinic. 

Donor Egg.If Intended Parents need a donor egg and opt not to use their chosen IVF Clinic’s pool of egg donors, FFS can assist in coordinating with large donor egg agencies that have databases of donors (known and anonymous), or FFS can perform a custom donor egg search for Intended Parents who are looking for very specific characteristics in a donor.  

Insurance Issues. Securing health insurance that will cover a surrogate pregnancy is critical.  Heath insurance costs can impact the overall costs of a surrogacy journey, sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars.  FFS can facilitate reviews of the surrogate’s insurance by ART insurance specialists who can recommend options for the lowest risk and/or most cost effective solutions for Intended Parents.     

Escrow.  FFS works with an FDIC-insured escrow agent who holds funds for the surrogate fee and disburses them as they are earned.  

International.FFS guides Intended Parents from around the world through the surrogacy process in the United States. On staff we have a case manager who speaks fluent French and Spanish, and we can arrange for translators who speak other languages if needed.  FFS works with our network of US and international attorneys who provide guidance as to how specific Intended Parents should ensure the birth certificate is prepared in the US, in order to make obtaining home-country citizenship for a child born in the US through Surrogacy as smooth a process as possible.  FFS offices are in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC, which is served by three international airports.