Financial Worksheet


Agency Fees-Surrogacy
Agency Fee - Surrogacy $15,000
INTERNATIONAL ONLY - International Client Surcharge $1,500
Estimate of Fees and Expenses Related to Surrogate:
Pshychological Counseling and Screening $1,500
Fee to Surrogate's Attorney to Review Surrogacy Agreement $1,000
(estimate, cap of $1,200)
Third Party Escrow Account Fee $1,500
Fee for Gestational Surrogate
(experienced GS's may command higher compenstation)
Monthly Incidentals
(travel to doctors appointments, parking, childcare, FedEx, faxes, healthy diet, etc)
$200 per month
Maternity Clothing Allowance $500 (add $250 for multiples)
Health Insurance for Surrogate
(premiums, co-pays and deductibles)
(estimate, actual costs apply)
Life Insurance for Surrogate $400-$600
(estimate, actual costs apply)
Back-Up Insurance $1,500-$45,000 *
*If Surrogate's Insurance pays all claims this fee will be returned to IP's, less a $1,500 broker's fee.  If invoked deductible will be capped based on policy selected and age of surrogate.
Possible Additional Fees and Expenses Related to Surrogate
Multiple Pregnancy $5,000
Additional Transfer Fee
(per transfer, as necessary)
Fee for Travel and Lodging Expenses if Surrogate Lives 90+ Miles from IVF Clinic actual costs apply
Fees for Lab Tests Required by FDA for Intended Parents $1,000 *
Invasive Procedures $500 (most procedures)
Caesarian Section (if ordered by Obstetrician) $1,000
Loss of Uterus $2,500
Companion Travel
(if desired, for invasive procedures only)
actual costs apply
Companion Lost Wages variable with negotiated cap
Childcare and Housekeeping During Doctor Ordered Bed Rest variable with negotiated cap
Surrogate Lost Wages variable with negotiated cap
INTERNATIONAL ONLY-Health Insurance for Child Once Born $4,500-$50,000+
(variable, check with provider-twin exclusion)
*(usually included in IVF Clinic Cycle Fees, check with your clinic)
3rd Party Fees
IVF Clinic Cycle (less for frozen embryo transfer) $15,000-$20,000
(estimate, check with IVF clinic)
Donor Egg (if applicable) $5,000-$10,000 (estimate
Intended Mother or Egg Donor Medications
(if not covered by insurance)
Surrogate Medications $2,000
Attorney Fees-Surrogacy Agreement $3,000 
Pre-birth Order $2,500
Court Filing Fees $200-$500 
All 3rd Party Costs are estimates only.  Check with your provider for exact prices.



Custom Egg Donor Search Fees
Agency Fees
Agency Fee-Custom Egg Donor Search and Match $8,000
Donor Expenses-Local Donor $500 (estimate, actual cost apply)
Fees and Expenses Related to Egg Donor
Donor Compensation $8,500 (estimate, varies)
3rd Party Fees
Genetic Screening $500-$3,000+ *
Donor Medications $4,000
IVF Clinic Cycle
(less for frozen embryo transfer)
$15,000-$20,000 per cycle
(esimate, check with IVF clinic)
Attorney Fees-Egg Donor Agreement $1,000-$1,500
Independent Attorney for Egg Donor $1,000
*(optional, but recommended for certain high risk populations)
All 3rd Party Costs are estimates only.  Check with your provider for exact prices.



Fees and Costs above are subject to change.  Agency fees will be guaranteed at the current rate on the date that the agreement between the Intended Parent(s) and Family Forward Surrogacy is signed.  Other fees and expenses are estimates only, and may be higher or lower depending upon the specific circumstances of the Intended Parents and the Gestational Surrogate.