Sandra Lippard  |  Valerie Miller  

Sandra Litsinger Lippard - Founder of Family Forward Surrogacy

Sandra became passionate about surrogacy when she was unable to carry her own children. She worked with a wonderful Gestational Surrogate, who carried her twin girls. They are still friendly today. Based on her experience Sandra wants to help others experience the joy of parenthood through Gestational Surrogacy.

As president of the agency, Sandra handles Intended Parent relations, finance and administration, management, and oversees FFS’s relationships with IVF clinics, attorneys, insurance professionals, social workers, and psychologists. In addition, Sandra manages the strategy used in recruiting superior Gestational Surrogates for each Intended Parent, through a number of methods including leveraging social media and websites popular with surrogates.

Sandra brings over 16 years of experience in technical education and marketing to the FFS team. She has worked for companies such as 3Com, Nortel Networks, Comverse Technologies, and Openwave (formerly helping them launch new products and recruit users. Throughout her career Sandra has presented at numerous industry panels and educational seminars around the world, to advocate for new platforms and educate corporate customers, consumers, and web developers on the benefits of using various new technologies. Sandra brings her management and marketing experience to FFS.

Sandra is a professional member of the American Fertility Association, RESOLVE and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Please see our Resources Page for more information on these organizations.

E-mail:    phone: (301) 320-3086 

Valerie Miller - Surrogate Recruiting & Support

Valerie joined the Family Forward team after carrying her first surrogate pregnancy.  She is is passionate about women's health and currently holds her Certified Lactation Counselor certification.  Valerie worked for the Women, Infant and Nutrition program for 8 years where she counseled one on one with pregnant and breastfeeding women and their children about pregnancy, breastfeeding and nutrition.  Since delivering her surrogate baby she has been involved at Family Forward helping to create more families.  Valerie helps to recruit surrogates, communicates with intended parents and coordinate details from the first conversation to delivery and beyond.  She loves building relationships and sharing the excitement that surrogacy brings to everyone involved.

Valerie and her husband live outside the Denver metro area in Colorado.  She has three school age children.  She volunteers on the PTO for the local elementary school where they live. They enjoy travel, sports for the children and spending time with their animals.  She and her family have fostered over 150 dogs and puppies in the past year and a half.  She is always looking for ways to give back to the community around her.

E-mail:   Phone: 303-257-5151