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Welcome to Family Forward Surrogacy! FFS is a boutique surrogacy agency in Bethesda, Maryland, right outside of Washington, DC. Unlike many of the very large agencies, we invest the time to get to know each of our gestational surrogates personally. We listen to you and provide unparalleled support throughout your surrogacy journey. We know that it takes a very special person to commit herself to bringing a new life into the world for another family! We value your commitment and understand the responsibilities you are taking on in order to ensure a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery. We will strive to make your experience as easy and rewarding as possible. Without you, we cannot help others fulfill their dreams of having a family!

Personal Support: Throughout your journey, you will have the personal support of the founder of the agency, Sandra Lippard - herself a former Intended Parent (IP) and now mother of twins through surrogacy - as well as support from a dedicated team of professionals. A former surrogate will work as your advocate and case manager. You will have as-needed access to a psychologist who specializes in surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), throughout the pregnancy and for two months after the delivery. Additionally, you will meet with a clinical social worker at your home at the beginning of your journey. She will walk you through all the steps in the process and respond to any questions or concerns that you have.

FFS works with well-respected IVF clinics that specialize in surrogacies. Our partner clinics will provide you with a nurse that is trained to work with surrogates. Your nurse will work with you throughout the process. Your nurse will be familiar with the family that you will be helping and the specific medical protocol that the Reproductive Endocrinologist at the IVF clinic has prescribed for you and them. Your nurse will be able to answer any medical questions you may have. FFS keeps an open line of communication with the IVF clinic and will act as your liaison if a need arises. FFS will also support you through any testing and appointments that are required. We will accompany you to the IVF clinic for your first appointment and for the Embryo Transfer. If you are traveling from out of town, we will coordinate your travel, accommodations, appointments, testing, and blood work in order to make the most of your time. This assistance will cut down on the number of visits you will have to make to the Washington, DC area.

Financial Compensation and Security: You will be giving so much of yourself to help the Intended Parents fulfill their dreams. As a result you should be well-compensated for the effort you will put into having a healthy pregnancy. FFS offers one of the most generous compensation packages in the industry. If you become pregnant with multiples, you will receive an additional $5,000. You will also be entitled to a $500 maternity clothing allowance, a $200 monthly expense allowance, and lost wages compensation in the event of doctor-ordered bed rest, and additional fees for certain medical procedures. Please ask your case manager for more details.

FFS collects all fees from the Intended Parents in advance, and uses a third party escrow company to hold the funds and disperse them in a timely manner. Therefore, you won’t have to ask your Intended Parent(s) to send your monthly check or reimburse you for insurance co-pays. This will help to keep your relationship with your Intended Parent(s) focused on the good things – sonograms, pictures of your growing belly, the first kick, etc.

In order to protect our surrogates, FFS performs an in-person consultation (if in the United States) and financial screening of the Intended Parents before we accept them as clients. In addition, you will be provided with a stipend to hire your own independent lawyer to review the contract with your Intended Parents. This process will ensure your rights are protected. If needed, we can recommend attorneys that are experienced in representing the rights of surrogates.

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