I’m interested in becoming a


I’m interested in becoming a


Delivering Dreams, Creating Families

About Family Forward surrogacy

Family Forward Surrogacy (FFS) is a gestational surrogacy agency based in Bethesda, MD, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Our mission is to help couples and individuals have the families they dream of through gestational surrogacy. We act as matchmakers and guides to help parents and surrogates navigate the surrogacy journey together. We’re known for our ability to find exceptional gestational surrogates and our warmth, compassion and dedication to both intended parents and surrogates.

Become an Intended Parent

We understand that if you’re on this website learning about surrogacy, your journey to parenthood has not been typical. Whether you have struggled with infertility, staying pregnant, or are a gay man or couple seeking to have biological children, you’re going to need help from others to create your family. FFS can make that process as smooth and comfortable as possible. We have walked this path many times, both professionally and personally, and can take much of the worry out of the process. Click below to learn more about FFS and how we can help.

There are many reasons to become a surrogate with FFS. What’s yours?

  • I love being pregnant.
  • I love to help others.
  • I have seen a friend or family member struggle with infertility, and pregnancy comes easily to me.
  • I want to contribute to my family financially while still being present for my kids
  • I feel I have been called to help others in this way.

Why become a surrogate?

Gestational surrogacy is truly a win/win proposition. Being a surrogate is a great way to bring in extra income while remaining safely at home during these uncertain times. Many of our surrogates are stay-at-home moms who choose surrogacy as a way to be present with their young children while still contributing financially to their families.

At the same time, through surrogacy, you can change another family’s world forever. You will literally deliver a dream of a child to a family that has been struggling with infertility, often for years, or to gay men who may have thought that parenthood, especially of a child genetically related to them, would be impossible. We can’t think of a more important, life-changing gift one family could give to another.