Highest Compensation

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Family Forward Surrogacy’s unique Dynamic Surrogate Fee (DSF) process allows surrogates to set their own compensation fees!  This way you can be sure you get the highest pay available! You may set your fee as high as you believe is fair, and we’ll match you with Intended Parents who are willing to pay your fee.  If your fee request is average or a bit above average for your area, we will match you within two weeks of completing your application and submitting all medical records.

Right now, demand for Surrogates is very high so you may request a fee that is more than the recommended amount, and there is a good chance you will still be matched.  If you are requesting a very high fee and it is taking too long to match, FFS allows you to adjust your fee any time prior to accepting a match.

On average first-time surrogates with surrogacy-friendly health insurance receive $46,000 (about $48,000 including allowance and other benefits) in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Connecticut and $44,000 in most other surrogacy-friendly states.  Experienced Surrogates may add $5,000 per completed journey.   You will receive an extra fee of $10,000 per additional child carried (e.g., an extra $10,000 for twins). Surrogates with no health insurance or health insurance that has an exclusion for surrogacy should expect $3,000 – $5000 less in compensation. With your guidance, FFS will handle negotiations with the Intended Parents, so that you don’t have to have talk about money directly with your IPs. Surrogate Compensation is put into an escrow account prior to embryo transfer and is paid to you monthly throughout the pregnancy.

Additional Compensation and Expenses:

  • Monthly allowance of $200.
  • Up to four weeks lost wages postpartum for a vaginal birth and up to six weeks postpartum for a C-section
  • Travel, lodging and meals during travel
  • Maternity clothing allowance

All costs related to the surrogacy, such as travel and lost wages, will be paid directly or reimbursed to you by the intended parents, so you can be comfortable that you won’t have any unanticipated costs.